The Sacred Language Mandala – artwork by Stephanie Ophelia Kiser

The Sacred Language Mandala

From 2-D to 3-D perspectives:


The seven path labyrinth is the foundation for a nine level geometric hologram, topped with a four petal infinity spire. Beams of consciousness information from ancient I Ching and Star Knowledge symbols emanate out into the universe.

Feel the symbols energetically, allowing their frequency to move within.


From the smallest point in a moment to the unlimited expanse of the macro-universe there are hidden codes, connected to every deed, word and action throughout time. The central Sanskrit symbol of OM is said to be the first vibration or sound/word of creation of the universe.


The Star Knowledge symbols around the outer border represent:


Spiritual Attunement and Star Activations

Universal Alignment and Cosmic Gates

Spiritual Webs of the Universe

Universal Web of the Mind

Spiritual Gentleness and Strength

Universal Path of All Relations

Spiritual Door of Creation

Universal Ocean of Reality


The I Ching Hexagrams represent: (starting with the top left clockwise) …..


Unity of the People

Mind of Breath



Mind’s Release

Radiant Return


Heart and Moon Crystal