The Swans of Duality – artwork by Stephanie Ophelia Kiser

The Swans of Duality

The swans are facing away from each other yet they are sitting within the 432 HtZ Love frequency ring.

The white and black swans represent the balance and interconnectedness of opposites within the matrix of sacred geometries and the labyrinth portal.

In 3-D the geometries would create a petal-topped light -infused temple.


The black and white swans of duality now face each other protecting the Yellow Crystal Seed on the lotus flower.

The seed holds the new matrix of consciousness for birth in 2017 (a universal Year 1), surrounded by the cymatic pattern of 432 HZ frequency, the natural frequency of mother earth and love. Pyotr (Peter) Ilyich Tchaikovsky composed the ballet suite Swan Lake in 1875 and interestingly the Dance of the Flowers and the last act of the ballet were composed in 432 HZ.

The center labyrinth is a communication portal resonating the tone OM which births the butterfly of transformation.