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Entry packages MUST include at least 150-300 dpi jpg, good quality digital art image, or a high quality, clear photograph of your painting or each of your paintings submitted (oil, tempera, watercolor etc); a copy of your official on-line entry form. After the completed checkout process your artworks will be saved and will appear on the Public Vote page if you registered for it in the Entry form.



  • in case of 1 artwork you need to upload the image or photograph of your artwork online while completing your entry form below
  • in case of 3, 5 or 8 artworks you will get your login data in e-mail after completing your payment. You have to login to the page you will be forwarded and manually upload your artworks!


NOTE: We do not request high resolution files from you to give you the safety and to ensure you that your copyrighted artwork won’t be used for any other purposes than to present in our Art Contest, in the Public Vote platform or among the honorees. If you feel safer having your work watermarked, place your watermark on it but please try to make it discrete, not disturbing the harmony and beauty of your image or diminishing the power of your expression. We advise you to place your signature or pen name on your image so it won’t be separable from the image and it can be more identifiable.

Because of the anticipated high volume of entries, we can only respond to e-mail inquiries.